Ladies full head of colour

March 16, 2018 Here are during and after photos of an all over red permanent colour. My client was previously very blonde and this was a top up colour 4 weeks later... Cardiff Mobile Hairdresser Cardiff Mobile Hairdresser Cardiff Mobile Hairdresser Cardiff Mobile Hairdresser


August 10, 2017 My client asked for subtle lowlights and a trim. Here is the result: Cardiff Mobile Hairdresser

Ladies Re-Style

July 31, 2017 Here is a full head of blonde highlights with a re-style. My client was fed up of her long locks and fancied a change.....

Before and After pictures:

Cardiff Mobile Hairdresser Cardiff Mobile Hairdresser

Colour Correction

July 17, 2017 Here is a colour correction to tone down the bright blonde. Full head of foils and a colour in between was used to achieve this result.

Before and After  Photos:

Cardiff Mobile Hairdresser Cardiff Mobile Hairdresser

Restyle – Bob

October 30, 2016 My client had been growing her hair but then decided to go shorter. She also wanted her roots coloured. As there was a lot of hair it was cut before coloured. The hair was sectioned at the back so the graduation could...

Restyle – Crop

October 26, 2016 My client had grown her hair long for her wedding and now wanted a change so asked for a restyle. I cut the length to her shoulders before sectioning the hair ready for a crop. The back was first graduated and blended onto...

Ombre and slices with GHD curls

October 21, 2016 My client had red slices which had faded quite a bit and was fed up of topping the colour up so she asked for blonde instead of red. First I mixed up a colour to strip the red out of the...

Ombre and ladies hair cut

October 17, 2016 My client previously had highlights but she fancied a changed and asked for subtle ombre. As the ends were a lovely blonde already I mixed up a natural colour and applied it to the roots and mid-lengths. Once the colour had...

Colour correction

May 5, 2016 This is a new client. She had previously had her hair done by another hairdresser but was unhappy with the colour. Her desired look was a subtle ombre. To begin I mixed up a light blonde and sectioned some of the...

Full head of foils – colour correction

May 1, 2016 This is one of my new clients. She had previously been to another hairdresser but she wasn't happy with the colour. She said she wanted to go lighter and have different blondes through her hair. Two different blondes were mixed up...