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Colour correction

This is a new client. She had previously had her hair done by another hairdresser but was unhappy with the colour. Her desired look was a subtle ombre.

To begin I mixed up a light blonde and sectioned some of the underneath colour out into foils. I also mixed up a brown which was used to section out some of the unwanted blonde. Once the colour had taken and was rinsed off a toner was used. Again once this had taken it was rinsed and the hair was washed and conditioned.

A thermal protector was applied to prevent the hair from any heat damage that may be caused by the hair dryer and/or straighteners and a wella luxe oil was used to nourish the hair. The hair was then dried and straightened and a light serum was used to finish.

Before and after photo:

Newport Mobile Hairdressers
Newport Mobile Hairdressers

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