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Half head foils and a cut

My client ask for half head of foils and a cut. She felt the colour was a bit too warm so asked for some ash blondes. I mixed two colours; a very light blonde and a dark blonde. I used the very light blonde to give an ash blonde and lighten the hair and the darker blonde to show the different shades and give a natural effect.

Once the colours were mixed I sectioned the hair for half head of foils and placed the foils in one at a time. When the colour had developed I rinsed the foils and washed and conditioned my clients hair.

I sprayed the hair with a thermal protector to prevent heat damage from the hair dryer and straighteners and I also used a leave in spray conditioner to nourish the hair.

Next I cut in the layers and tidied up the length before shaping the front of the hair to create a grown out fringe effect. I then dried the hair and flicked out the ends for a soft, bouncy finish.

Here is the result:

Cwmbran Mobile Hairdressers
Cwmbran Mobile Hairdressers


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