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Ladies bob hair cut

My client hadn’t had her hair cut for a while so any previous style had grown out and lost its shape. She asked me for a nice bob shape that was slightly inverted (longer through the front sections).

Once the hair had been washed I applied a leave in conditioning oil which nourishes the hair and a thermal protector spray to protect the hair from any heat damage caused by the hair dryer and/or straighteners. The hair was then sectioned at the back so the graduation could be cut in. Next the base shape was neatly cut to create a nice rounded typical bob effect and the sides were blended onto the style. A slight layer was then put through the hair to allow some height when styling and the back section was thinned out to allow the hair to sit tidily. The hair was then blow dried and sharpened off with medium GHD straighteners and a light moulding crème was used to show off the texture and shape of the style.

Before and after:

Cardiff Mobile Hairdressers
Cardiff Mobile Hairdressers

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