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Restyle – Bob

October 30, 2016

My client had been growing her hair but then decided to go shorter. She also wanted her roots coloured.

As there was a lot of hair it was cut before coloured.

The hair was sectioned at the back so the graduation could be added. Once the nice round bob shape was created through the back the sides were then blended onto the style to allow an inverted bob.

The hair was then blast dried ready for the colour.

Two colours were then mixed up. The first a really light platinum blonde which would be placed in foils; the second an ash blonde which would be applied to the roots in a scalp application and blended to the mid-lengths and ends.

Once the colouring process was completed the hair was rinsed, washed, conditioned and towel dried. Protection products were applied; A thermal protector to prevent heat damage and a leave in conditioner to soften and nourish the hair.

The hair was then blow dried and the ends sharpened with the medium GHDs before the cut was finished.

The back section of the hair was lightly textured and a soft layer was cut in for slight volume through the crown.

Before & After:

Cardiff Mobile Hairdresser Cardiff Mobile Hairdresser Cardiff Mobile Hairdresser