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My client asked me for ombre and a cut. She didn’t want it to be white blonde so a darker more caramel blonde was chosen. The colour was mixed up and carefully applied to the hair. Once the colour had reached its time it was rinsed off and a toner was[…]

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Cardiff Mobile Hairdresser

Ombre and ladies hair cut

My client previously had highlights but she fancied a changed and asked for subtle ombre. As the ends were a lovely blonde already I mixed up a natural colour and applied it to the roots and mid-lengths. Once the colour had processed I rinsed the colour and placed a toner[…]

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Cardiff Mobile Hairdressers

Half head of foils and a toner

My client asked me for half a head of foils as she wanted to stay blonde but she asked could it be toned down a bit. I mixed up a very light blonde and placed the foils in the hair. Once all the foils were in and the colour had[…]

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Newport Mobile Hairdressers

Ladies hair cut

This is one of my new clients. She told me she’s getting married in the summer so wants to keep as much of the length as possible but with getting rid of all the split ends. Once the hair had been washed and conditioned I sprayed the hair with thermal[…]

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Newport Mobile Hairdressers

Blonde highlights

My client asked to go lighter so when mixing the colours I only used blondes; a very light blonde and a more natural blonde. I sectioned the hair so I could begin putting the foils in. I alternated the colours in a 2:1 ratio, the lighter blonde being more frequent. Once[…]

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Restyle Crop

Restyle – Crop

My client had grown her hair long for her wedding and now wanted a change so asked for a restyle. I cut the length to her shoulders before sectioning the hair ready for a crop. The back was first graduated and blended onto the sides and texture was added through the middle section.[…]

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