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Newport Mobile Hairdressers

Colour correction

This is a new client. She had previously had her hair done by another hairdresser but was unhappy with the colour. Her desired look was a subtle ombre. To begin I mixed up a light blonde and sectioned some of the underneath colour out into foils. I also mixed up[…]

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Cwmbran Mobile Hairdressers


My client asked me for ombre and a cut. She didn’t want it to be white blonde so a darker more caramel blonde was chosen. The colour was mixed up and carefully applied to the hair. Once the colour had reached its time it was rinsed off and a toner was[…]

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Cardiff Mobile Hairdresser

Ombre and slices with GHD curls

My client had red slices which had faded quite a bit and was fed up of topping the colour up so she asked for blonde instead of red. First I mixed up a colour to strip the red out of the hair. I then applied a toner to neutralise the[…]

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Cardiff Mobile Hairdressers

Ombre and curls

My client previously had a few red slices scattered through her hair with a dark base. Today she has asked me for blonde underneath with more of an ombre effect. I started by sectioning the hair and lightening the mid-lengths and ends. Once the colour had lifted to the required[…]

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