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Cardiff Mobile Hairdresser

Ombre and slices with GHD curls

My client had red slices which had faded quite a bit and was fed up of topping the colour up so she asked for blonde instead of red.

First I mixed up a colour to strip the red out of the hair. I then applied a toner to neutralise the orange tones thrown off by the mix of the previous red and the colour stripper. Once the toner had developed I rinsed it off then shampooed and conditioned the hair.

The hair was then towel dried and a thermal protector and a nourishing oil was applied (Wella luxe oil).

Next the hair was blow dried with a large round brush to create volume at the roots and the mid-lengths and ends were curled using the medium GHDs. To separate the curls a light polishing serum was used and a touch of hairspray was added to finish.

Before & After:

Cardiff Mobile Hairdresser
Cardiff Mobile Hairdresser
Cardiff Mobile Hairdresser

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