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T-section and ladies bob hair cut

My client asked for a touch up on the roots with her colour and for her cut she wanted the bob shape put back in as it had grown out.

I mixed two different blondes and sectioned the hair for a parting/ t-section of highlights. Once the foils were in and the colour had taken I rinsed the foils and shampooed and conditioned the hair.

To cut the hair I took small sections through the back to put in the graduation then I blended the shape around to the front. Next I added a soft sweeping fringe.

I then applied thermal protector and luxe oil. The first to protect the hair from the heat of the hair dryer and straighteners and the second to nourish the hair.

Next I blow dried and straightened the hair before chipping into the back section to thin out the bulk and point cutting the layers slightly to create a nice texture.

To finish I used a moulding crème. It’s more pliable than a wax, it enhances the texture and it doesn’t give a greasy finish.

During and after photos:

Newport Mobile Hairdressers
Newport Mobile Hairdressers
Newport Mobile Hairdressers
Newport Mobile Hairdressers

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